Integrating Food Services and Sport FandomIntegrating Food Services and Sport Fandom

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Integrating Food Services and Sport Fandom

Hi, my name is Ginny, and I love sports. I also love everything about the restaurant industry – I have dined and worked at countless restaurants, and I have also volunteered at kitchens that feed the homeless. Over the years, I have really noticed what works and what doesn't in the food services industry, especially as related to sports. I have seen how to attract people to your restaurant to watch sports games, how to write a menu that appeals to a certain type of sports fan and how to successfully plan the food at special sporting events. In this blog, I am going to explore everything related to sports and food services. Whether you are looking for tips for your restaurant, sports bar or even your food truck, I hope that you find answers here. Grab a snack, get comfortable and start reading. Enjoy!

Why Cold-Pressing Is A Superior Juice-Making Technique And Why Home Delivery Is So Convenient

Fresh juice is used for its nutritional value, for its delicious taste, and for detoxing. Juice that's made fresh is preferred over shelf-stable juice you buy at the supermarket because it's 100 percent juice with no sugar or additives. Plus, since it's fresher, it tastes better. Cold-pressing is an ideal way to make juice, but this method of making juice requires an expensive machine. You can buy cold-pressed juice at a juice bar and even have it delivered to your home. Read More