Integrating Food Services and Sport FandomIntegrating Food Services and Sport Fandom

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Integrating Food Services and Sport Fandom

Hi, my name is Ginny, and I love sports. I also love everything about the restaurant industry – I have dined and worked at countless restaurants, and I have also volunteered at kitchens that feed the homeless. Over the years, I have really noticed what works and what doesn't in the food services industry, especially as related to sports. I have seen how to attract people to your restaurant to watch sports games, how to write a menu that appeals to a certain type of sports fan and how to successfully plan the food at special sporting events. In this blog, I am going to explore everything related to sports and food services. Whether you are looking for tips for your restaurant, sports bar or even your food truck, I hope that you find answers here. Grab a snack, get comfortable and start reading. Enjoy!

Three Reasons You Need A Reusable Water Bottle

Did you know that as much as three quarters of the U.S. population is considered chronically dehydrated? To reach chronic status, that means a consistent state of dehydration over a prolonged period of time. Dehydration can have lasting effects on your body, and you can be partially dehydrated without recognizing the symptoms. The best thing you can do to combat this is to increase your water intake every day by keeping a water bottle on hand at all times. Here are a few benefits to carrying a water bottle with you every day.

You Might Lose Some Weight

By drinking more water, you can often keep hunger at bay. Drinking a lot of water often helps you feel fuller, so you'll snack less and you'll eat less during the day. In addition, drinking water cold helps you to burn more calories because your body has to warm the water once you drink it. Also, those who drink water often have a higher metabolism, which helps you burn more calories in general.

You can even use water to help combat sugar cravings, which can help you keep excess weight at bay. Add fruit to infuse flavor to your water. That fruit flavoring may help fool your body into not craving more sugar.

You May Reduce Your Risk Of Stroke And High Blood Pressure

Studies have shown that proper hydration can reduce your body's risk of stroke because it prevents clots that can cut off oxygen and cause the stroke. In addition, the proper hydration helps to flush salt from your body, which can minimize your risk of high blood pressure. This helps to protect your cardiovascular health.

You Could Reduce The Occurrence of Headaches

One of the most common symptoms of mild dehydration is chronic headaches. These headaches often occur because of the reduced blood circulation caused by the insufficient hydration. By carrying a water bottle with you at all times, you'll have a better chance of keeping your body consistently hydrated. This can help you to combat headaches as well as the muscle fatigue and dizziness that can occur.

Investing in a reusable water bottle is a great way to ensure that you get sufficient water every day. There are even reusable bottles that have integrated filtration so that your water filters as you drink it. This can help you get all of the benefits of the water without any unnecessary minerals or contaminants. Companies like Hooten Equipment Company LLC may have water bottle options to consider.